Ditch the city, go on a Bear hunt

This post doesn’t include any actual Bears.

Like most people, our jobs take us to the city so it feels uplifting to ditch it for a good old Bear hunt in the countryside. Luckily for me my parents live in South Wales where I get to visit and relax.

And that is where my Bear hunt begins. In a picturesque village called Efail Isaf at the base of a mountain. But this is no ordinary mountain. In a time of myth, dragons and brave knights there were also giants. And it just so happens that one day one of these giants became ever so tired and decided to take a nap. As he slept the earth started to form around him, creeping up his arms and legs until one day only a mountain stood where the giant slept. He became the Garth mountain.

But tales tell of a time when he will awaken, the earth will move beneath us and a giant once more will stand tall against the sun.

So basically, a perfect spot for a Bear hunt!

Now before starting your Bear hunt, you will need:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Decent walking shoes/trainers
  • A map, if it’s a new route
  • Good company is always welcomed.

So, with my parents in tow, we began our journey through winding lanes towards Pentyrch, up ice glazed hills before we had even hit half way. Once we found the common foot path, we were greeted by some fine specimen of cow… Yes we let our animals roam freely. If you’re lucky, which is most of the time, you may see some sheep!

Past the velvet black cows and up the winding path we come to a crossroads. Do we go backwards, onwards, upwards to the burial mound which is also the peak or towards the front path of the mountain. As this was after Christmas, we chose to go onwards, towards the giants head. I kid you not, you can stand on his head, but be careful not to fall off. Once on his head the views are breathtaking. To me, this is home.

Up the Garth Dec'16

They say the good things in life are free and you can’t beat a good view. Also, there’s always a pub near by for a drink at the end of your hunt. So gear up and start your own Bear hunt.

Mountain trail Dec'16

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