Put on your walking shoes and get marching

A history teacher once told his student that “you know things are serious when the women get involved”. So on the 21st of January thousands upon thousands of women in 60 different countries spanning across 7 continents tied up their shoes and went marching.

On the 21st January, I too tied up my shoes and went marching. Marching in solidarity with women and men across the world for one common aim, equality.

Banners were made from cardboard, old protest signs and with a lot of imagination. The main theme was derived from vile vomited out of a human wotsist, “Grab them by the pussy”. In response, women knitted pussyhats and many boards donned cats and proclaimed “this pussy grabs back!”.

“Love Trumps Hate” was another common slogan throughout the sea of empowered women, and love was definitely felt throughout the day as women, men and children took to the streets fighting for the rights of the people next to them. For the people they have never met and for the people that are yet to come.

There were so many people that joined this march that it took myself and three friends an hour after it had begun to start moving. For me, marching and protesting for people’s rights has been a part of my life since I was born. We noticed two young girls, dressed all in pink with pink pussyhats to which my friend said “I bet that was you when you were little”, to which I agreed, just not so pink.

For my friends this was their first ever march. They were all born and raised in Australia where protest were something that just wasn’t done. But were taken aback by the magnitude and atmosphere of the day. It is safe to say, they enjoyed themselves and this wont be their last march.

Historically, this day will be remembered, how could it not when it is one of the biggest global protest the world has ever seen. An estimated 2.9 million people protested in America alone with over 100,000 people joining them in London and more from other cities.

This march would not have happened if people had not traveled to these events. We who traveled helped show that this is not some local issue that can be ignored but a global issue that should be at the forefront of every nation.

The only down side of the day was finding out that one of my favourite actors was across the street holding a placard of Patrick Stewart with his head in his hands…




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