Day in Peterborough 

If you ever find yourself with a spare day in East Anglia and don’t know what to do, take a day trip to the quaint city of Peterborough.

A small city with a growing population which may become the city to visit in the next couple of years. But for now, the main highlight is the magnificent Cathedral in the City Centre.

Peterborough’s Cathedral started out as a monastic community in  654 AD. After multiple raids and a great fire, the Cathedral was then built by the Normans.

Any fans of the TV show Vikings will enjoy this Cathedral’s history as the original community was established by Peada, son of King Penda of Mercia. And was later sacked by Ivar the Boneless. Aethelwold and King Edgar also make an appearance in the Cathedrals history which can be read about in the Visitor Information Centre.

To those whom this makes no sense to, I would suggest watching the TV show.

During our dreary winter, I was lucky to visit the Cathedral on a sunny day where the light complimented the architecture beautifully. With a small donation of £3 I was allowed to roam the cathedral and photograph the workmanship and artistry to my hearts content.

My visit began in the gardens situated behind the Cathedral near the main road  which is an idyllic place to relax.


A short walk into the centre of the city brought us to the archway towards the Cathedral. As there was a funeral taking place at the time we tried to visit, we wandered off for some food and retail therapy before returning to the Cathedral.

Now for some interesting facts. Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon was originally buried in Peterborough Cathedral before being moved to Westminster Abbey. She was neither the first nor the last queen to be buried here. Henry VIII’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I famously had her cousin Mary Queen of Scots beheaded. At the dead of night following her execution, Mary Queen of Scots was delivered to the cathedral for burial. Later on, she was also moved to Westminster Abbey in London.

So for any history buffs, or Vikings fans, this is definitely a place to visit!

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