When in Wales,

Where better to go for a city escape, my current city home being London, than to return to the hills and mountains that I truly call home. A week long escape where almost everything typically welsh was squeezed in. And who better to suggest things to do in Wales than a native Welshwoman. So in this case when in Wales, do as the Welsh do.

We began our week with a hike up the Garth mountain, which if you’re an avid reader you will recognise from a previous blog post; Ditch the city, go on a Bear hunt. It was a beautiful Monday morning, the sun was out and the pollen levels was at it’s highest creating a very sniffly walker. As it was in April, there were dozens of little lambs around the fields next to the path as well as some alpacas…

At the top of the peak, which also happens to be an old burial mound you are welcomed with the views of the Rhondda, Cardiff, the peaks of the Breacon Beacons and on a good day, as far as Bristol.

We decided to continue our walk to the small pentref (welsh for village) by the name of Gwaelod-Y-Garth. Which also happens to be where I spent my childhood at the Welsh primary school. In this small pentref is a quaint pub with it’s own micro brewery at the back. The perfect spot for a halfway pint. Considering which way you travel up the mountain that is. We began at a small village called Efail Isaf. You could always begin the journey at the pub and then travel up the mountain for the view. The pub also serves food so would be a great place to finish the walk. Just as a suggestions!

But the fun part, to get down to the pub you will need to navigate through winding paths, past old mines and ruins of buildings. But, the good news, it’s all down hill and for myself, to get back to my small village, I didn’t need to go back up!

For a more challenging hike I would suggest either Corn Ddu or Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons. Or both in one day. For beginners or an easier hike, give the Garth a go and be stunned by her beauty.

Fact of the day: There is a film based on the Garth mountain called “The man who went up a hill but came down a mountain”


Now to avoid boring you as a reader, I will break up my time in Wales into separate articles. Next up will be about a Day at St Fagans.

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