Day at St Fagans

For a day full of culture and history look no further than St Fagans. St Fagans is a National History Museum which is free to the public depicting the lives of Welsh people through the ages.

But I would avoid going when it’s raining as this is an outdoor museum where every building has been carefully taken down brick by brick and re-built at this magnificent museum. Or take an umbrella just in case, this isn’t something you would want to miss!

From the Iron age buildings to a cock fighting ring to modern terraced houses. There is an on site forge with its own blacksmith. A traditional bakery where you can buy some of the best scones with butter and jam. It’s more traditional in Wales to have butter instead of clotted creme with our scones. Don’t believe me? Well you’ll just have to try them for yourself!

Welsh scones with butter and jam

There are shops where you can buy welsh beers and whisky and perfect gifts for people at home, or even a keepsake from your visit. A sweet shop for anyone with a sweet tooth. Churches, schools and a pottery shed. And to top this off, they have their own sheep, cows and pigs. Definitely a perfect day out for anyone and everyone. Unless you really hate the outdoors and animals…

St Fagans resident pig

I know what you’re thinking, “this sounds like a lot of walking”, well fear not! there is a tractor bus that routinely drives around the museum taking people from one section to another.

For the more romantic type there is a Castle on site with some splendid gardens; including an Italian garden and a thyme garden. Think of a mini Versailles, just without the on site hall of mirrors and theatre. The building itself is steeped in history from royal visits to a working hospital during World War I. Everyone working at St Fagans are bilingual speaking both English and Welsh and are able to give you the history of the museum and everything in it.

So why not spend the day learning about how people used to live in Wales pre and post industrialisation. Learn about the welsh language and the trials it has gone through to still be a spoken language today.

Fact of the day: Still doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Well soon enough they will finish reconstructing a famous pub on site where you will be able to get your pint from and relax on the grass in the sun.

Link to St Fagans website for more information:

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