Get ready and go

Since the beginning of this year a trip has been in the making. Not just a trip to a couple of countries but a couple of continents! Starting with America.

So the first dilemma was, what the hell to pack for the next 6 months… the answer, a lot of stuff!

The first difficulty is being a woman, more choice of clothes and more toiletries needed. So after 5 hours of packing I manage to narrow it down the the image below…

The next step was to squeeze it all into a bag… luckily, a success.

The next step, getting myself to London to meet Lizzie, also known as my travelling buddy. The wait, even though it was only 24hours was excruciating. Anxiety kicking in mixed with nerves and excitement isn’t a great cocktail for a good night sleep. So after calming down a minor panic attack I was able to get some sleep before heading into Cardiff for my breakfast and bus.

Great place for a coffee and food in Cardiff is the Portuguese bakery opposite Cardiff castle called Natas. They do authentic portuguese food and great coffee but don’t expect cooked food before 10am.

With a nata and coffee in my belly it was time to get my bus. It is safe to say my cocktail of emotions calmed once I met up with Lizzie and helped her pack/not pack so much.

Our last meal in Britain was steak and veg and Harribos for dessert.

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