New York 

So after a seven and a half hour flight with numerous films and copious amount of food we finally arrived in New York! We landed in Newark airport and waited in line for an hour and a half for our passport and visas check. There weren’t even that many people there to be checked, the airport was just understaffed and slow. I guess we’re too used to the hustle and bustle of London…

But once we were finally out of passport control we made our way to our new home in Brooklyn for the next 10 days. We’re staying with a great and accommodating host in a spacious apartment near the metro. Hot water and a comfy bed, what more could we ask for!

After a good night sleep we got ready and decided to see the sights. We began by walking to Brooklyn Bridge, yes we will walk almost anywhere as Brits do! On our way we passed a fun painting near Flushing.

Quite Picassoesque. 

Once we made it to Brooklyn Bridge we decided to seek out the Ice Cream Factory which had been suggested to us by Google and a friend. As we were there quite early we had to wait until it opened. Luckily we stumbled upon the pier which looks out over the East river with a lovely view of the bridge and Lower Manhattan. 

At midday, the Ice Cream Factory opened and we ordered our peach and cream ice cream. The peach wasn’t quite peachy enough for our taste but still a fun stop on our walk. 

With a belly full of cream we started our treck over the bridge. As expected it was full as it’s quite a touristy area and everyone, including ourselves, wanted photos on the bridge and of the bridge. But definitely worth the walk as you get views of Manhattan bridge, lower Manhattan and even as far as Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. 
The bridge then finished at New York’s City Hall which was closed off for the day as there was a protest about poor living standards and low wages. Sounds similar to some of our struggles back at home… 

But onwards to lunch, we girls after all need to eat. So we wondered around until we found a little pizza place called Little Italy Pizza and shared a spinach and mozerella little calzone. The food was great and the staff were nice. 

With a full belly we headed off to find Ground Zero where the twin towers once stood. On our way we passed the World Trade Centre and Station. The station is quite a site and fun on the eye as you try and guess what it reminds you of. 

Ground Zero is a very peaceful place, surrounded by trees and with two great water features falling into the foundations of the buildings. Names of people who lost their lives were engraved around the water features. It is a sad place, but also peaceful and worth a visit. But I ask with a sincere heart, don’t do what others do and sit on the names to take a selfie. If you must take a photo, do so with respect and not for likes. 

From here we went on the search for the girl and the bull via Wall Street. Wondering through the blocks we came upon the Federal Building where George Washington took his oath to become the first president of the United States of America. Inside were the original vaults open on display where they used to store part of their treasury and tradable goods. 

Sadly around the corner we came upon one of Trump’s building which we scorned with our eyes and swore at… had to be done. We then went back on ourselves to complete our search for the girl and the bull. All I can say, is, what an anti climax. The feature was surrounded by people taking photos of the bull or photos of holding the bulls balls. No one was interested in the girl who faced such a force as the bull represented. So here is the photo of the girl, there was no hope in getting the two together… 

We then journeyed on to Battery park where most people will get their boats to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. But we will be saving that trip for another day. In the park there were sculptures of the plight of the migrants and a remembrance feature for the soldiers lost in the Vietnam war. So we decided to take a break and have our bananas here. We were then chased away from our bench by a rogue squirrel, darn thing. 

Next up was a treck up Broadway street. We visited Trinity Church to admire the architecture and for a minutes rest, Broadway is a long street…. we also passed St Paul’s Chapel on our way before we gave up, found the Ancient Burial Ground National Monument and circled back to make our way to the Tribecca area. We found a lovely view of the Hudson River to sit at, I swear we did more walking than sitting, Lower Manhattan is huge! 

As our bellies began to rumble we set out towards China Town to find an affordable restaurant.  China Town was not what we expected or like what we have in London. It is more of a community where the main language is not English and a place for families rather than the individual classic working man or woman that we come to expect in our cities. 

After reading numerous menus and figuring out how much things would be with tax and tip added on top we settled with a place called Hong Kong Cafe. It is safe to say we were the only Western looking people there and English was not their first language, which made ordering our food the more fun. We ordered prawn fried rice and sweet and sour pork to share… we could have shared the meal between four people the portions were so big! So it is safe to say we left full and with a happy belly! 

Homewards bound we came across an arc de triumph type of building opening onto Manhattan bridge, not a bad way to end the day. 

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