Central Park

This morning started off a little slower as we were recovering from our busy day before. After all, we did roughly 30,000 steps in one day, that’s roughly the same as a half marathon. I told you we weren’t being lazy taking so many breaks! 

Anyway, as we are on a budget, we spent part of the morning heading to the supermarkets to stock up on some food and snacks for the next couple of days. This meant going into our first Dollar store and finding six “add water to” ramens for $1 and decided on which American sweets to try first. We went for Twizlers and Laffy Taffy. 

From what we bought, we packed a picnic for our day which included a baguette, cheese and ham. So basically a share and tear ham and cheese sandwich. We felt pretty European at this point. 

With the picnic all packed we made our way to 5th Avenue towards Central Park. On our way we got slightly sidetracked by part of Madison Square and 5th Avenue itself with all of its designer shops and tall buildings. But instead of making the treck to Times Square, which we’re saving for another day, we wandered back to Central Park.

Now, a warning to all book lovers, if you enter the park from 5th Avenue you will be faced with a few stalls of books… self control is the key and remembering you don’t want to add anymore weight to your already heavy backpack! So as we sadly left the books behind we made our way into the park and found somewhere to sit fo our picnic. It’s safe to say we found a decent spot.

With a belly full of food we went in search for some bikes to hire as the park would take forever to treck around. Instead, we came across the entrance to Central Parks Zoo which we had already decided to miss. But we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the resident seal sunbathing (can you spot him) and of the lovely clock decorated with different animals. 

As we were new to the park we dared to ask how much a map was from a woman selling them… $3. We decided to skip the map, you know, with the whole budgeting thing, and made our way to the main entrance of the park via the bridge seen from our view above.

A little later on and with some haggling we were able to hire some bikes to cycle around the park. Bikes cost us roughly $18 for three and a half hours including a basket. We could have used the city bikes but we didn’t know how far away they would be or where to look. So the official Central Park bikes seemed like our best shot. 

With a little wobbly start we made our way around the park which gave us views of Shakespeare’s garden, the back of the Met museum, a glimpse of the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and a lovely view of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. The whole lap of the park took roughly 50minutes with a few breaks and a modest pace. 

Before our time was up to give the bikes up we went in search for the Bethesda Fountain. Mainly because it features in one of our favourite TV series called Friends. With a scenic location and banana in hand we took a deserved rest next to the fountain which also looks out onto the lake. 

Once we returned our bikes we decided to find the Cathedral of St. John the Divine near Morningside Heights near Upper Manhattan. We had our first unlucky stint with the Metro as we continuously boarded the wrong train which would skip the station we would need! After what felt like a lifetime of travelling back and forth we finally made it to the correct station. Finally on our way to the Cathedral we passed the lovely garden, but luck was not on our side as the Cathedral was closed. But we were told of a white peacock that had escaped and was loose in the garden we had passed! 

So in our defeat we took a break on the steps and thought about where we could get Ben&Jerrys ice cream from and what to eat for tonight. Yes food is constantly on our minds… 

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