Coney Island 

After our antics in Lower Manhattan and Central Park over the last few days, we decided to have a more chilled day and head on down to Coney Island.

For anyone who thinks the name rings a bell, it recently featured in the film Brooklyn with Saoirse Ronan in. 

We also needed to buy a week pass for the Metro as we knew we would need to use it throughout our stay to get everywhere. And I don’t think we really fancied the 3hour treck to Coney Island, according to Google. 

Top tip: Metro week passes cost $34 but don’t try paying for it using a credit card… or in our case a Monzo pre paid debit card which are recognised as credit cards. The machines in the Metro do not accept credit cards even though they say they do. Although for anyone intrigued in what a Monzo card is, it’s a pre paid debit card which has a great exchange rate and app which updates your usage within seconds as long as you have wifi. This is not an ad, the card is actually great for travelling with!

But anyway, after our trouble buying a Metro week pass we were finally on our way to Coney Island. 

Now, if you have ever been to places like Brighton or Barry Island, imagine them on steroids and extra sized and you have Coney Island. It was full of seaside shops and places to buy food. Sadly a picture couldn’t quite grasp the extent of its size, so here’s a lovely picture of the boardwalk next to the sea.

As you can imagine, we got hungry, so here comes the food part! 

After wandering around taking in the sites, we decided to find somewhere affordable to satisfy our hunger. This came in the form of Brooklyn BBQ Pit. We were drawn in by the BBQ pulled pork sandwich meal for $14 which we shared between us. Trust me, it was enough to feed two people! And man it was good. 

With a belly full of food we carried on wandering around the pier. We came across groups of people with massive speakers playing some classic hits to try and start a party on the pier. A couple of hours later they were successful! People were up dancing to the music and enjoying the evening sun. 

Before the dancing started we sought out a place for cheap drinks. This came in the shape of a Margarita bar which I can’t remember the name of who were serving $4 draft ales. So not a bad deal for a couple of drinks within the theme park. 

As the day drew to an end we wandered on back to Brooklyn and spent the rest of the night at Nostrand Avenue Pub for a last pint before calling it a day. The pub was a real ales pub with pints starting at $5. Being on a budget really means keeping an eye out for the best deals!

To end this post, here’s some more images of Coney Island!

One thought on “Coney Island 

  1. That pulled pork sandwich sounded yummy. The weather looks great. Raining, cloudy, sun pops out just to tease us ,and quickly disappears . Winds are cold. 😵


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