Brooklyn museum 

Our first Sunday in New York, and also our first not so sunny day, we decided to head to the nearest Museum. Top tip, most museums in New York work on a suggested donations basis so when it says $25 for an adult it is only a suggested price. So if you’re on a budget like ourselves  a little or a lot less is okay.

So we headed on out after another chilled morning and walked through Brooklyn covering the Nostrand area towards to museum. On our way we spotted the main strip of bars, cafes and supermarkets for cheaper food. New York is a lot more expensive than we expected! 

We also came across this piece in the street.

A great tip if you have the time to walk everywhere, it is the best thing to do to actually see all of what New York has to offer! Even the little things like the lovely path surrounded by trees on the Main Street towards the museum. 

When we finally made it to the museum we sat in the garden for our usual picnic of bread cheese and ham and then made our way in. 

We decided to check out the exhibition “We wanted a revolution: Black radical women, 1965-85” which is well worth a look! The exhibition concentrated on Black women’s role in the development of art and American culture by questioning their representation, or more lack of representation in society as well as using art as a force for a political movement. 

“A Woman’s Afterlife: Gender Transformation in Ancient Egypt” which explored the role of gender in ancient Egypt. The males were seen as the bringer of life which they would then bestow on to a woman. So in death a woman would have to transform into a man to enable their own rebirth before transforming back into a woman. This section moved through to the Ancient Egyptians exhibition which holds part of The Book of the Dead. We also saw the Infinite Blue exhibit which we weren’t very taken with. 

So basically an overall interesting day in a beautiful museum. Due to the crappy weather here are photos from inside the museum.  

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