High line and Baseball day

After a day spent on islands we decided to stay a bit more grounded and head to New York’s Highline near the Chelsea and Greenwich area. The Highline is a walk along a disused Railroad which has been converted into a park walk. 

Sadly, another miserable day weather-wise as it decided to drizzle all day. Out comes the oversized coat lent from my dad as I don’t own my own raincoat. Yes I am aware, that is shocking for someone who is from Wales… 

To begin our walk we headed towards the Chelsea area to the beginning of the Highline and ascended the stairs to the walkway. 

Once on the Highline we could see the appeal of the walk with the carefully constructed gardens and art pieces. 

In the drizzling rain we walked along the Highline towards the Greenwich area on our way to lunch. Yes today we planned part of the day around food after yesterday’s lack of food! With a few more scenic photos and getting out of the rain we wondered through Greenwich to find a burger place that had been suggested to us. 

By the time we reached the burger place named Burger Joint it is safe to say we had been pretty rained on and were happy to hang our coats up and dig in to their cheeseburger and chips. 

Top tip, if you like your meat rare to medium rare ask for rare as the medium rare was too close to well done for our liking, but still a great New York burger place. 

We may have had a cheeky brownie to share at the end as a treat as well. 

With a belly full of burger, chips and a brownie we headed towards Little Italy and the Soho area. So basically finishing off the whole of Lower Manhattan. 

Little Italy was, well, little. Chinatown was more impressive than Little Italy but they both have their own quirks and perfect for either Chinese food or Italian food. As we were still full up from our burger we carried on over to Soho where we came across this fun piece of what we think looks like Audrey Hepburn. Probably is Audrey Hepburn.

With a little exploration around Soho we made our way towards the Yankee stadium for our evenings entertainment. A game of Baseball. For anyone unsure of whether to go or not you can buy a a general entry ticket for around $20 which includes a drink. But you will not get to sit or pass the white line. So apart from the lack of a seat, the view is decent. 

Top tip, do not see an American sport without a seat… we were there for nearly 5 hours! 

So of course we went for a nosey and bought some American sports food. Chicken strips and chips. We really should have gotten one to share and you will need water to go with it as they love their salt.

We did find this little gem of a guy to take a selfie with on our wander as well.

With a belly full of chicken we tried to watch the game which was excruciatingly slow. Luckily we met two Australians who were happy to tell us where the nearest cheap bar was. Which happened to be in Times Square. The bar is called Rudys and you can buy a pint of beer with a shot of whiskey and a hotdog for $5… it’s safe to say the next day was a write-off! 

So here’s some images of Times Square at night and of the Empire State builiding lit up. Someone come save us, hangover day to come tomorrow… 

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