Public Library and MET Museum

So after a hungover day, we decided a bit more of a productive day was needed! So we made our way back into Manhattan and towards The Public Library. Made sense as we are both bookworms.

En route to the museum is Grand Central Station which has featured in numerous movies and is worth a stop. The ceiling is decorated with characters from the Zodiac in a Greek/Roman fashion. 

Around the corner from the station and near Central Park, The Public Library stands. The builiding is recognisable by its famous lions standing guard outside. Unless you approach the Library from behind which has a garden cafe where people can go to eat. 

The Library on a whole is very impressive but not quite what we had expected. I guess we had imagined a more museumesque vibe whereas the Library was in fact a functioning Library with study rooms and plenty of resources for anyone who would need them. Definitely a great public building for New Yorkers to use!

From the Library we went in search for food. This came in the form of a food court near the back of the Library where we bought the largest salad bowls in existence. I am not even joking when I say that the salad bowls took three sittings to finish!

With a belly full of salad and a cup of joe (coffee) to hand, sadly the worst coffee we had ever had, we headed towards the Metropolitan museum. Again, for any art lovers, the MET museum is worth a visit. They work on a suggested donations basis, so if you have a little you can give a little and if you have a lot you may as well pay the suggested donation. 

The Met museum has some great pieces including the Ancient Greece section, some Terrecota warriors in the Age of Empires exhibit and a beautiful collection of Irving Penn’s photography. Penn’s collection is definitely worth a visit as we were both pleasantly surprised and more than happy to have been introduced to his work. 

Top tip, ask the lovely ladies or gentlemen at the information desk for information on the museum as they are more than happy to pass on their knowledge and love of the current exhibitions and pieces. This is how we found out about Penn. 

Along with these great exhibition the Metropolitan museum currently has an Adrian Villar Rojas exhibition on “The Theatre of Disappearance” on the rooftop which looks out onto Central Park. The only word that could sum this exhibition up is breathtaking. There was so much to see in each piece and the backdrop was perfect. 

Sadly we didn’t give ourselves enough time to wander through the museum and had to miss quite a bit. So as another top tip, give yourself the whole day! 

With the evening still ahead of us we decided to do some last minute sightseeing. So we headed towards Times Square, The Rockefeller and The Empire State Building. Times square is a haven for shopaholics and for people drawn to the big light. We weren’t that impressed… The Rockefeller building is quite deceiving as it’s also a shopping centre and holds a studio for an American tv show inside. But it was fun seeing a piece by Jeff Koons outside. 

Sadly, as we are on a budget, we have decided to save paying to go up The Rockefeller and The Empire State Building for another visit in the future. Sometimes it’s good to keep things undone or unexplored as a reason to come back one day. 

Once again, when we arrived at The Empire State Building we weren’t very impressed. I’m sure the view from the viewing platform is more impressive. 

So in other words, Museums are a must and sightseeing only really works out if you have unlimited funds or aren’t on a budget. Although, the view from the MET museums rooftop is amazing! 

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