Last day in New York

After our day at The MET and seeing what New York has to offer we took today a little slower. We headed to the Museum of Modern Art which sadly doesn’t operate on a suggested donations basis. As we have already spent quite a bit of money in New York on museums and sightseeing we decided to give the museum a miss and add it to our list of things to do on our next trip to New York.

After wondering around for a while we came came across a quaint church called Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue. As you can guess, it was on Fifth Avenue. The church was sweet and peaceful inside. They are currently working on their organ but the workers didn’t make much noise. 

After our short stint at the Church we made our way towards Central Park for a chilled afternoon. This involved buying our first Ben&Jerrys chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwich. Yum! 

We sadly had to cut our day short as we needed to pack up our room and get an early night for our flight to Chicago the next day. So sorry folks, this is one of the shorter pieces as we are moving on to a new city and a new adventure! Keep your eyes peeled for our next stop. 

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