Today was an early start. We woke up at 2:30am to take the public transport to La Guardia airport for our flight onwards to Chicago. Tired doesn’t even cover how we felt. But with our bags checked in we planted our butts down and waited to board. 

After a sleepy flight with an apple juice and a caramel waffle included we finally arrived in Chicago. Strange fact, they do not check your ID or passport when you go through the airport… must be an internal flight thing. 

We booked our stay in the Parthenon hostel in the Greek Town. It’s a pretty basic hostel with a communal area with a kettle included for any add water to meals. And the bathrooms look like communal sports changing rooms. That is where we found out that it’s mainly us Brits who seem to be body shy… 

As we arrived before checking in time we stored our bags in their reception area and headed to the nearest park. This happened to be the Millennium Park where there are two water features where dozens of children were cooling off in the summer heat. Chicago is hot! 

This picture was taken from Cindys rooftop bar which I’ll get to soon. But gives you a great view of the two water features where the kids were playing. 

As we were cooling off in the shade eating our salads from the local 7/11 we could hear some music. We weren’t too sure if it was coming from someone’s speakers or if it was live. Ends up we arrived in time for Chicagos Blues Festival. And even better, it’s free!

After enjoying an hour of music we made our way back to the hostel to check our bags in and freshen up for the rest of the day. On our way back we passed the Bean in the park and had to take a photo. 

We also nosied on over to Cindys rooftop bar where one of the guys on the door was more than happy to suggest places to visit and what to eat. He also sneaked us up to the rooftop to have a quick look at the view, which is breathtaking, as the queue would have been 30minutes which we were happy to save for the evening time after the Blues Festival. Once on the rooftop you can see out past Millennium Park and out to Lake Michigan with Michigan city to our right and the pier ahead of us. 

Back at the hostel and freshened up we decided to make our way back to the music festival for the rest of the day. For anyone that hasn’t been to Chicago, there is a reason it’s called the Windy City. For women, do not wear short skirts or dresses unless you’re willing to hold it down for the whole time you’re outside! Or have numerous Marilyn moments.

From our hostel we passed the famous Sears Tower/Willis Tower, which I didn’t know was famous until Lizzie pointed out:

“That’s famous”

We took a little detour via a shop to pick up the last 4pack of cold Heineken to enjoy while watching the rest of the Blues Festival. Best decision ever. Nothing beats a cold beer and good music at the end of a really long day! 

We caught Nellie Tiger Travis, Theo Huff and the New Agenda Band and William Bell. Safe to say the music was great. Unless you hate Blues music then this is not for you…

So, myself and Lizzie are self-proclaimed people watchers. From where we were sitting we watched a young group of friends dancing along to the music. And from nowhere this little boy appears with the biggest smile on his face, with his dad in tow, wanted to join in with this group of dancers. The joy on his face and confusion of how to dance like everyone else was beyond  adorable. His dad also joined in to try and show his little boy how to do the dance. The little boy soon enough gave up and carried on running around with his little curls bouncing and smiling from ear to ear as his dad chased him around the dancing pairs. 

Chicago provided an array of dancers which was impressive to watch. This also started a new game for Lizzie and myself as we tried to figure out if dancing pairs had just met or been in a relationship for a while. 

Sadly we were enjoying ourselves so much to photograph all of this. 

Once the music finished for the night we headed to the water features which were now lit up and then headed up to Cindys rooftop bar for the night view of Chicago and the surprise of a fireworks display from the pier. 

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