Chicago Sightseeing 

After a long day of travelling and walking we woke up a little later for a casual morning. We made our way back towards Millennium Park via Sears Tower/Willis Tower and paused for some tourist photos of the building. After all we are tourists! 

With the Tower photographed we wandered on towards the park. The park splits in to two with the Harris Theatre on one side, where the Blues Festival is playing, and the Buckingham Fountain on the other. The Art Institute which we have saved for tomorrow is on the fountain side but before the fountain. 

As we had done one half of the park last night we decided to head towards the fountain but via the Lake Shore. Top tip, make sure you walk at least a little bit next to the Lake for the lovely views of the pier and views of Chicago and its surrounding cities. 

We followed the path up until the fountain and crossed on over. The weather today was sweat as you stand hot! And as it’s Chicago, the wind was strong which made the top of the fountain blow water out to people on its side. So a great excuse to cool down, which we did and it was bliss! 

After cooling down we made our way back towards the Lake Shore and carried on walking down towards the Museum Campus which holds the Field Museum of Natural History next to the Shedd Aquarium. 

As we arrived quite late we couldn’t enter the museum but enjoyed the views of Chicago from the top of the steps. There is also a totem pole depicting “The Story of Big Beaver” where five brothers went out hunting beavers but two had escaped. So one of the brothers followed the beavers back to their home and saw that they shed their beaver skins and were human boys. The brother listened as the two beaver boys told their father of their families’ massacre. Saddened, the brother returned home to tell his family and they adopted the beaver as their family crest and vowed never to hunt them again. 

After our break and the biggest apples in the world, we wandered back to the Lake Shore and walked the path towards the pier. Trust me, Chicago is deceptively big and can take a while to walk around. So we got as far as the end of the Millennium Park before we decided to head to the Blues Festival for our evening of music. 

Once again we headed to the shop to pick up some drinks, which were sadly almost completely sold out! But we managed to pick up a six pack of Stella Artois Ciders, which literally taste like fizzy apple juice and we enjoyed while watching Gary Clarke Jr. on the main stage. For anyone who is new to Blues music we would definitely suggest giving him a listen. 

After the music ended we called it a night and headed back to the hostel. 

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