Chicago Art Institute 

After a lot of walking we decided to have a day at the Art Institute. We started out early to make our way there and as it was another hot day we popped into a Dunkin Donuts for a $1 any sized ice coffee. As the sizes are pretty big anyway I got a small caramel iced coffee and Lizzie went all out and got the medium hazelnut iced coffee. Somehow the hazelnut was sweeter than the caramel!

As you can’t take your drinks into the Art Institute we headed over to their South Garden to the left and enjoyed some shade out of the heat. In the garden they have sculptures by Alexander Calder “Flying Dragon” and Henry Moore “Large Interior Form”. 

With a caffeine kick and cool down we headed into the Art Institute. 

Admission fee was $14 for a student and if you’re not in possession of a student card its $25 or free to Illinois residents. 

The Art Institue really surprised us! They have an amazing collection including numerous works by Monet, Renoir, Dali, Picasso and Gogh. We also saw some pieces by Andy Warhol as well as Fischil and Weiss’s collaborative piece called the “Snowman” which is situated on the Bluhm Family Terrace with some lovely views into the city. 

After spending the afternoon in the Art Institue we headed out to do a bit more sightseeing. Also because the building had closed so we couldn’t spend anymore time there. So we made our way towards the Magnificent Mile to find the Tribune Tower and Wriggley building. The Magnificent Mile is famous for being the shopping street of Chicago. We also came across a massive sculpture of Abraham Lincoln with a modern American man. 

It’s safe to say I needed a cold drink after overheating in the street. So a sit down and a cold bottle of water later, we were wandering towards the Richard J. Daley Centre to see the Picasso sculpture which is also next to the City Hall and James R. Thompson Centre. Another busy walking day! 

Wandering back through the streets of Chicago to our hostel we started to think about what we should eat… yes food is featuring again! We hadn’t figured out where the best place would be to get a Chicago pizza so we decided on saving that for another day. But we had seen a place that did Philly cheesesteaks which sounded interesting. 

So from the supermarket, our local Walgreens, we bought two cakes for $4 for dessert. A lemon slice and a tiramisu. From the local Philly cheesesteak takeaway we ordered our first Philly cheesestake sandwich to go. It is safe to say we were full and it was greasy! The desserts were average. The lemon slice was too sweet and the tiramisu was bland. 

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