Day at the beach 

For anyone that didn’t know, Chicago has three beaches! So with the hot weather it only made sense to walk to one of them. We just didn’t realise how far we would have to walk…

We started by making our way towards Millennium Park and onto the Pier walk which follows the Lake Side. On our walk we crossed one of the bridges which has a nice view into the city. 

Roughly an hour later we made it to the Pier where they have a ferris wheel, cinema and theatre. On our way we did suss out where to get pizza on our last day, so stay tuned to find out where! 

But for today we happily sat at the pier and enjoyed our tuna sandwiches while keeping those darn seagulls away. 

With a belly full of tuna we carried on to find our first beach. To our surprise it was literally around the corner from the pier. There is something strangely relaxing about being on a beach with a cider looking out at the sea ahead and the city to our left.

We ended up spending a few hours on the beach in the sun before making our way back. There were some dark clouds on the horizon and a warning of a thunder storm… luckily the weather forecast was wrong for today. 

It is safe to say we enjoyed our chilled day out at the beach. 

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