Last day in Chicago 

One of the best parts of our hostel here in Chicago is the breakfast included. Not because it was great but because we could fill our boots ready for the day. This normally meant a small bowl of cereal, 3 pieces of jam on toast, a hard boiled egg and we snuck out a massive apple as a snack for the day. 

You will not believe the size of the apples here in America! 

As this is our last day we checked out at 11am, stored our backpacks in the reception area and headed out to Millennium Park for the last time. Luckily today they have their Classical Music Festival rehearsals which we were allowed to watch for free. We also took a closer look at the famous bean and recreated the scene in Finding Nemo where Nemo touched the “butt” (boat). So we touched the “butt” (bean).

After our last hour in the park we headed back up to Cindys rooftop bar to take some daytime photos of the view. 

As promised, the next section will be about food and more importantly Chicago pizza! So we sussed out that everyone goes to a place called Giordano’s for their deep pan stuffed pizza. They also do a great lunch menu for $8 where you can get an individual pizza and side. So we went for a side salad and I ordered the pepperoni deep pan stuffed pizza while Lizzie ordered the sausage deep pan stuffed pizza. 

Our eyes were definitely too big for our bellies! We managed three quarters of the pizza before having to give up and take the rest away for our bus journey this evening. But the pizza was good! It was like a mix between a pizza and a quiche. 

Sadly today’s forecast was right and a thunder storm was rolling in. Impressive to see and hear and nice to cool off in. But as the rain came pouring down we decided to head back to the hostel with a belly oh so full of pizza to use their wifi until we had to make our way to the bus stop. 

12 hour drive to Memphis to follow. 

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