A twelve hour bus journey later, we made it to Memphis. And a couple of hours later to our Air b&b. 

Sadly our Air b&b host had failed to get in touch with check in details so when we finally got through to him at 9am we found out he was at work and could only come check us in at midday… so we had a bit of a wait outside his place with our bags before getting checked in! 

This was our view for a good 3 hours…

But once we got checked in we freshened up and fell asleep… I think the bus journey really took it out of us. Top tip, if you’re ever on an overnight bus make sure you get a window seat as it is difficult as hell to sleep on the aisle seat.

Once we had finally caught up on some sleep we started to get ready to head out towards the Peabody Hotel as our host had told us about the rooftop party going on. Free entry for women before 7pm (a little sexist) and a small buffet included. The music was fun enough which made a good first night and free food is always a bonus. 

Sadly we missed the daily duck parade where they bring their ducks back into their palace at 6pm everyday. So a kind of successful day… 

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