Memphis day two 

So this morning we had planned to travel down to Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, to have a nosey at his house and gardens. The gardens are free to visit between 7:30-8:30am, you can see the difficulty here already… 

We were told about this by a lovely local who helped us get to our Air b&b yesterday. But as you can imagine, after the travelling and the long day yesterday, we slept in too long and missed our chance!

So instead we decided to walk to the oldest diner in Memphis for our lunch. The diner was called Arcade diner and was exactly how we had imagined it to be. Just like in the movies. There was even a police officer at the bar section drinking his coffee. Sadly we were both feeling like we needed something healthy to eat and got a sandwich with a massive salad. Sounds boring but it was great. 

There was an option for a fried peanut butter and jam sandwich which was rated as their favourite/best dish but we thought we’d give it a miss. 

Also after walking over a mile in the baking heat we were overjoyed by the amount of iced water we were getting! Nothing tastes better when you’re dying from dehydration. 

As we finished our meal the heavens opened and a storm started to roll in. We were not lucky enough to be carrying our coats around so waited for it to ease off and made our way to the Civil Rights museum; A definite visit for anyone going to Memphis. 

The museum looked at the Civil Rights movement in America from slavery to more modern day issues. It’s also part of the hotel that Martin Luther King Jr spent his last hours before he was assassinated. There is a viewing window which looks out onto the very spot. The museum then carries on over the road to the building where his killer shot him and has an exhibition on the case against the shooter including a few theories. 

Once again we didn’t give ourselves enough time in the museum and only managed about 60% of the whole thing! When will we learn… 

From the museum we walked towards the Mississippi River to see the river. By this point we had started to dry off from the rain. 

We then wandered over to this pyramid which was a shopping centre. And the weirdest shopping centre we have ever been to! They have alligators there in a tank, fish in little ponds and even some ducks. You can buy your hunting license and equipment there as well as so many other outdoors clothes and equipment. We felt a bit uncomfortable to say the least, especially with their collection of stuffed deer and stags. 

So we bought a Moonpie for a sugar break and rocked back and forth in a rocking chair before leaving. Moonpies are basically a really bland version of a wagon wheel. 

After our strange encounter with another way of living, we made our way back to our Air b&b through Beale street. Basically we wanted to freshen up before heading back to Beale street for some drinks for our last night. Yes a very short visit in Memphis. We also missed the duck parade again today as we were too engrossed in the museum to remember. 

After freshening up and making sure we were all packed for our 8:15am bus to New Orleans we headed back out. Even though we got to Beatles street at 11pm it was still quite quiet for a party strip. So as you can guess Beale Street is where all of the bars are and where everyone goes out in Memphis. 

This is where we met one of our favourite people in America! She was so excited that we were from the UK that she had to put on her best British accent which went a little like this;

“Hello govn’a! Would you like some tea and biscuits? Cheerio!” 

She was also shocked that we would come to Memphis as it is apparently “the most dangerous place to visit in the US”… we thought it was fine. 

For the rest of the night we met quite a few military personnel including a marine, army and a navy seal. We did meet a guy who worked as a bartender as well to normalise the situation a bit!

Safe to say we had a pretty good night out in Memphis! 

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