New Orleans 

Before heading out for our last night in Memphis we decided to be safe and set six  alarms between us for our 8:15am bus. Now technology hasn’t failed us so far so we didn’t think much of it as we stumbled back in at 5am to our Air b&b after enjoying our night out. 

Not one of our alarms went off and we were awoken to our host knocking on our door as he knew we were supposed to be out early. The time was 8am. Panicked doesn’t even cover the range of emotions we were feeling. 

Luckily we were able to find a Greyhound bus that left in 40 minutes and got our panicked asses out, paid for the bus and boarded it. Now let me tell you, Greyhound is a luxury compared to Megabus! The seats are so much more comfortable and there’s much more space as anyone travelling by bus can barely afford to pay the Greyhound prices. 

We also had to sort out another night of accommodation as we would arrive in New Orleans a day early. Luckily the hostel we are staying at had a few spare beds. As we arrived in New Orleans quite late we decided on a quiet night after the stress of missing the bus! 

We had decided to stay at the City Hostel near the French Quarter which is near all of the food places and local shops. New Orleans is what I had imagined with its old French styled buildings and music on every street. Well most streets. 

Sadly this morning we had to faff around with checking out at 11am to check in to our original booking at 3pm. So we headed out in search for food. I can’t tell you how happy we were to find an affordable supermarket with fresh fruit in it! The joy is clear on my face as I was about to bite into my humongous apple.

Finally checked in at 3pm and with a happy belly, we headed out to wander around the French Quarter. We passed the Supreme Court of Louisiana and the St Louis Cathedral on our way to Jackson Square for a break from the sun. The shade has literally become my best friend with being the pale Welshwoman that I am. 

After our break from the sun we wandered towards the river for a walk and a nosey and then headed back to the hostel. 

A great perk of where we are staying is that you get a free beer between 8-9pm which we enjoyed while playing table football. Lizzie was so excited she wouldn’t stay still for a photo. The score ended at Lizzie 2-3 Alana, it was the best of 5. Safe to say New Orleans has left a good first impression on us. 

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