Jambalaya, jambalayoo

After what ended up being a fun night of table football and getting to know a few other hostel guests we started our day a bit slower than usual. But what makes this morning better than other mornings is the fact we bought crunchy peanut butter! Now this is a big thing for two people who have been eating the plainest breakfasts in existence since we arrived in America. 

So a yoghurt and 3 pieces of peanut butter on toast later we were ready to head out. 

We made our way down Canal Street, which is one of the main streets in New Orleans, towards the Spanish Plaza to check out what was down there. We spotted our first casino of the trip on our way, which I’m sure will be nothing compared to Vegas once we get there! 

The Spanish Plaza is quite small and has a fountain which was commissioned by the Spanish government in the sixties as a gift to the people of New Orleans. 

Towards the right of the fountain is a small shopping centre that has a cafe called Cafe Du Monde. Which we later found out is a chain but has these famous “beignets” (literally French for donuts!). Honestly they were okay. They were suggested to us by one of the hostel guests who really rated them. Also, they could make anyone look like a coke addict with the amount of icing sugar involved… 

What we hadn’t noticed was that the main Cafe Du Monde is at the French Market. But I’m sure the beignets will be the same. 

So with a full belly we headed towards the French Market via the river front. Before we made it into the French Market we wandered into a hot sauce shop. I kid you not, I have never seen so much hot sauce in my life! 

Onwards into the market we nosied at the different stalls and foods that were on offer. We had forgotten that you could eat alligator! So that has been added to our list to try before leaving. But sadly as our bellies were full we headed back to the hostel for a short break from the sun, some rehydration and to try and figure out what to do this evening. 

As you can guess by now, we both like our food. So it only made sense to find a good place to try some local creole food. From searching a few travel blogs one name kept coming up; Coop’s place. So that’s where we went. 

The restaurant is so popular that you are guaranteed a line to get in. Luckily we only had to wait twenty minutes and it was worth it. The wait was made better with some $4 drinks from the bar down the street. 

We ordered a jumbalaya and gumbo to share between us. A jumbalaya is a mix of meat and vegetables with rice. So ours had rabbit, crawfish, shrimp and sausage. Also my first time trying rabbit. Gumbo is more of a strongly flavoured stocked stew which we had with shellfish, oysters included. Throw some budweisers in the mix and we’re set! 

We ate the meal so slowly savouring every mouthful as it was that good! A definite for anyone visiting New Orleans. 

We spent the rest of the night at the bar across the road for $3 martinis which were so strong! Also make sure to walk through the French Quarter at night as it’s all lit up with more live music. 

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