Tornado… tornado! 

The day had to start the right way, with peanut butter on toast. 

As we were ready, dressed for the sun and sun creamed up we went to head out for the day. Now remembering our hostel doesn’t have any windows it’s quite difficult to tell what the weather is like outside. On our way out one of the guys pointed out that it was raining and we might want to take a coat. And especially as Lizzie was wearing a white t-shirt she might want to change it. 

So Lizzie changed and we grabbed our coats thinking it couldn’t be that bad… sadly it was pouring down with rain. But we would not be discouraged and we headed on out towards the Garden District. 

Sadly this walk ended up being a walk to our favourite supermarket for a needed salad and break from the rain. And then further into the Garden District before we gave up as we couldn’t see anything in the rain and our coats were starting to let the wet through. So we headed back to the hostel via the shop for some beers and sheltered for the rest of the day. Luckily the hostel was busy and we had plenty of people to chat to and drink with as well as playing a very tame American version of Cards against humanity. 

Now this morning was a slow start as it was still raining so we thought we may as well have a lie-in. We obviously had another morning of peanut butter on toast, but this morning everyone’s phones started to blast an alarm to warn them of an imminent tornado heading towards us… 

So we decided to get ready and check the weather out for ourselves. By the time we got out it had stopped raining… Raincoat in hand we headed back out to the Garden District. On our way, we passed Lafayette Square which features a statue to John McDonogh from the Public School Children. 

In the Garden District they have a few famous cemeterys including the Lafayette cemetery. Sadly they were closed by the time we got there. But we managed to have a nosy around before heading back towards the hostel and towards the Louis Armstrong park. 

Sadly, once again, the park was closed. New Orleans should maybe consider opening things later as closing at 4pm seems a bit early… or maybe we should have checked first. But at least we managed to get out for most of the day! 

High hopes for tomorrow as the weather is starting to brighten up. 

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