Last day in New Orleans 

Sadly we ran out of peanut butter yesterday so had to resort back to our usual breakfast of a yoghurt, an apple and a cup of coffee. Could be worse…

As today is our last day we packed our bags and checked out by 10am. Luckily the hostel is really relaxed and are letting us store our bags at the hostel and use the communal area until our bus at 11pm to Austin.

So as it’s our last day it’s our last chance to try some more of the local cuisine. But first we wanted to check out the St Louis Cathedral as every time we passed it it was closed. Our own fault as the Cathedral closes at 4pm. 

Great story, Lizzie and myself may have gotten the name a little confused with the name of the park behind it. So for a couple of days now we have been calling it the Louis Armstrong Cathedral… you know, like the singer, because why wouldn’t he have a Cathedral named after him. We still hadn’t realised we were wrong while wandering towards it. 

It was only once we were inside and enjoying the artwork and architecture that we realised that the Cathedral was in fact St Louis Cathedral and not Louis Armstrong. 

While laughing at our mistake we headed out in search for some local crawfish which everyone suggested we tried. So we headed into a restaurant that we noticed on the way to Coops place and ordered a pound of crawfish as we didn’t know if we’d like it. But of course we enjoyed crawfish, they must have been boiled with some kind of Tabasco as they had a lovely warmth to them. 

From here we went in search for some alligator to try. Yes I said alligator! So we headed back into the French Market as we were near by to see what types of alligator was on sale for us to try. There were alligator bites, alligator sausages and alligator jerky. But we decided to settle with a cafe called The Gazebo Cafe as they had a live band playing and did a decent priced alligator po-boy. 

We loved it. Alligator tastes a lot like chicken but has the same flaky texture as cod and haddock. And it came with gator sauce which added an extra something to the po-boy. We would definitely suggest trying it to anyone and everyone! 

After enjoying our alligator and listening to the live jazz band we wandered on back to the main section of the French Quarter to take some last minute photos of the area. We wandered towards one of the cannons facing the water front across the road from Jackson Square which has a lovely view of the Cathedral. 

With a belly full of alligator we headed back to the hostel for a break and then out to the supermarket to buy some snacks for our overnight journey. This may have included a milkshake as we were both having some junk food cravings… 

The guys at the hostel were so accommodating and even offered us the happy hour free beer. But considering we missed our bus from Memphis to New Orleans we weren’t going to risk anything! So we left at 10pm for our 11pm bus and tried our best to get comfy at the back of the bus. It’s a very full bus. 

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