Two buses later we made it to Austin. Now I have a confession to make… while we were at our favourite supermarker in New Orleans picking up some snacks, we may have picked up some cake each. They were massive and lasted three sittings! And surprisingly quite nice. Mine was an almond slice with the usual icing around it and Lizzie had a slightly healthier cake with strawberries and cream instead of the icing. Not the best breakfast but it got us through… 

It got us through because, when I say this it’s not an exaggerating, Texas is HOT. We had a 20 minute walk to our new hostel and we had to stop half way in the only shade we could find and again closer to the hostel because the weight of our bags and the heat mixed together was unbareable. So you can only imagine how overjoyed we were to make it to our hostel and be allowed to shower before even checking in. Check in wasn’t until 3pm and we arrived around midday. 

So we sheltered from the heat in our hostel called Drifter Jacks’s hostel. We chose this hostel based on its reviews of a decent social aspect and fun nights out. On the cards tonight is a free two step dance class at the White Horse. Could be interesting… 

Once we were checked in we got loads up super helpful tips from one of the hostel workers and decided to check out 6th Street as that’s where everything is. Also where the famous 24 hour Voodoo Doughnut shop is. I know what you’re thinking, more cake! Well, yes. 

On our way we passed some fun pieces of street art. 

Lizzie here reenacting the effects of eating wasabi, “hot, hot”. 

In our defence we only bought the famous Voodoo Doughnut to share. Which was kind of tasty yet average, but I would definitely suggest finding someone who looks at you the way Lizzie looks at her doughnut.

Although they definitely score points on their fun designs. 

So with a belly full of voodoo donut we headed towards the White Horse. We hadn’t realised how much of a walk it would be as it’s in the East Austin District rather than the 6th Street District. But we definitely experienced a more Austin vibe out of the popular 6th Street. 

By the time we made it to the pub the free dance lessons were over so we bought a beer and found somewhere to sit. To our surprise they had a local country band playing and quite a few people doing the 2 step dance. It seems to be the thing to do for locals on a Friday night! 

Once again we enjoyed two of our favourite things to do, people watching and guessing how long people have been together or if they had just met. 

I have to admit, I was a bit of a Scrooge during the night… I may have been asked by a few gentlemen if I would like to dance. But as I had missed the class and hadn’t drunk enough beer my response always came out as “I can’t dance” or “I have two left feet”. To Lizzie’s disappointment she wouldn’t get to video any dancing fails on my part. 

After what turned out to be a fun night of experiencing the locals night out we headed back to the hostel for some needed sleep. On our way back we passed our favourite piece of street art which features in one of our favourite films and will feature in the next article when we have a better photo of it. 

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