Oh Holy Rollers 

We started our day with a home made iced coffee and headed on out into the Texas heat. I don’t think we’ll ever get used to the heat here! 

So we headed down to our Hi How Are You wall to get some better photos as the ones from last night were too dark.

From here we headed down towards the Texas State Capital building passing the University of Texas. The gardens are really relaxing and feature a mini Statue of Liberty which we happily posed next to. At least now we can say we touched the Statue of Liberty! 

The Texas State Capital building is a magnificent building with an ironic joke. “Be careful on our historic steps”… being a European in America this didn’t half make us laugh. The building also houses portraits of their congressmen and women since being established, 49 men – 3 women. We also spotted the portrait of George Bush which neither Lizzie or I were impressed with.

Now as you may have noticed Austin for us holds a bit of a theme. This comes in the form of one of our favourite films, Whip it. Not only is Whip it filmed in Austin and features the Hi How Are You wall but also introduces watchers to a sport called Roller Derby. Hint towards the title. So while we were wandering through the building I remembered to check if Roller Derby was really a thing in America, and most importantly if there was a match on.

To our luck and surprise, none other than the Holy Rollers are playing against The Hellcats tonight at the Palmer Events Centre. Safe to say we can’t wait! They also only play matches once every fortnight so we were beyond lucky. 

Before the match we wandered back towards the East Austin District in search for tacos. This came in the form of a taco truck called Pueblo Viejo and we were not disappointed, the food was really good. 

So with a belly full of tacos we headed towards the match for our evening entertainment. We were happily surprised to see a mix of people attending the sport as it is usually seen as part of the indie scene. There was a band playing before the match and during the half time period. They were an all girls rock band called Midnight Butterfly. The oldest member was 11years old. They were pretty good.

So to play Roller Derby you need two teams of 5. Four act as the blockers and one act as the jammer/scorer. The first whistle blows and the blockers skate off, the second whistle for the jammers. The jammers have to pass through the blockers and break clear before having to lap the blockers. The jammer scores a point for each member of the opposite team they pass. This is a physical sport so expect pushing, shoving and possible nose bleeds. Each play is timed or finished once the lead jammer calls if off. And all of this done while wearing roller skates. If you’re still unsure as to what Roller Derby is I would suggest watching the film or going to a match. 

After a few nose bleeds and scraps the match was over and Hellcats came out victorious. So we started to make our way back to the hostel but may have ended back on 6th Street. Until tomorrow Austin.

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