Graffiti time

After a slow morning we wandered down our usual street which has some fun pieces on the wall. The Wasabi wall featured the other day and today’s choice is “Smile now, cry later”.

We then spent a long time searching for Castle Hill and getting lost a few times. Basically we did a massive circle around it until we found it. And the day again is hot! But definitely worth it once we finally made it. So Castle Hill is a place artist are encouraged to go to graffiti an area of wall. Non artists are also invited to try their hand at spray painting. So we did! Lizzie graffitied Alana ❤️ Lizzie into a piece of Austin and I left my welsh mark with the word cariad which means love. 

There’s also a climb involved which is treacherous for the uncoordinated and fun for our inner child. 

After releasing our inner rebels we headed to the nearest 7/11 for the biggest cold drink and pasta salad. We enjoyed these in the park around the corner from the shop. Great way to cool down after walking in circles all morning… 

From the park we wandered back down towards the city centre and towards the other side of the river. We had heard of a bridge that millions of bats fly out at at sunset. So we thought, why not, let’s check it out. 

On our way we saw a vibrant cardinal along our walk.

Once we reached the bridge we made a spot for ourselves and waiting for the sun to set. We were not disappointed, it’s a very surreal experience to watch thousands upon thousands of bats flying out of a small section of the bridge. The sight definitely drew a crowd, but you would be crazy to miss it! 

We decided to have an early night tonight as we have an early bus to Dallas in the morning that we will not miss!

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