Sadly today is the day we leave Austin. We do wish that we could have had a few extra days to head down to the Lake or to explore a bit more, but we have enjoyed it so much. So after our palaver with our New Orleans bus we were pretty adamant on an early night for an early start. Thankfully technology didn’t let us down this time and our alarms went off and we got our bus smoothly. 

The bus journey wasn’t too bad and we finally arrived in Dallas. Our Air b&b is a little out of the way this time so we have to get a bus out of town a little way. But we were so happy to find our new abode has Netflix. 

As you can guess by now, we are both a little too tired for any exploring so we headed towards our nearest whole foods for some fruit and noodles for the evening and yoghurts for the morning. We then settled in to watch Spotlight. As we had Netflix it was difficult to choose a film but we managed to narrow it down to one Lizzie hadn’t seen. The choice was between 10 things I hate about you, Moana and Spotlight. 

We chose well. Sadly a slightly unadventurous day to write about. 
As our visit to Dallas is a short one we decided to spend this day (day two) cramming as much in as possible. 

So we began our day with the bus journey into the city centre and wandered towards a sculpture of a massive eye. 

From here we carried on towards the John F Kennedy’s memorial where he was shot. This is also next to the Old Red Museum which is a sight to see from the outside. 

There is a museum around the corner and the building from where his assailant fired the shot. The memorial was created to represent his tomb and the era it was designed in. 

A few photographs later we made our way towards the Farmers Market which was suggested to us by google and our host. Outside of the market are some new build houses which look like they were taken straight out of Cambridge. Inside the market there is a good variety of fresh food to buy and eat.

As we had already eaten a 7/11 burrito for lunch we made our way to Deep Ellum where you can find a variety of street arts and pubs with live music. Also as we had run out of things to do, including sitting out a downpour. 

We were suggested by a guy from Blackpool working in Dallas that we had met earlier to check out the bar Deep Ellum for cheap drinks and live local music. Sadly we missed happy hour as no one was willing to serve us within the 5 minutes before happy hour finished. Luckily the cheapest beer was $4 which was nice enough. 

The live band were fun and we ended up spending the night drinking beer, listening to music and eating food. I took full advantage of ordering my last alligator po’boy as I don’t know where on our travels next I’ll ever get the chance again. Lizzie chose a chicken and rice dish which came with a side of cornbread which was interesting to try. It’s like a sweet savoury sponge cake with a kick at the end. 

Safe to say we had a decent time in Dallas, but sadly it does lack in things to see whiting the city. Maybe in a couple of years it will have a bit more to offer. But for a fun evening/night out we would definitely suggest the Deep Ellum area as well as the Deep Ellum pub. 

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