Viva Las Vegas 

After a late ish night in Deep Ellum we had a more leisurely morning packing and checking out of our Air b&b. We were lucky enough that our host allowed us to store our bags for the day as we have a late night flight to Las Vegas. 

So we headed back into the city centre for a cold iced coffee, a chocolate brownie and snickers ice cream bar. I think the verbs sums up how we are feeling in the heat. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in one of the parks relaxing before making our way back to the air b&b for our bags and then to the airport. 

Now for some reason our flight was showing us two different departure times. One provided by the travel agents Kiwi and one on the boarding pass… with an hour difference in time. 

Luckily Lizzie and I have worked up some airport experience and know to leave enough time to check our baggage in, go through security and find our gate. Ends up the flight was one hour early and the company failed to notify us. If you would like to avoid any stress, do not book through Kiwi! We also had issues buying checked baggage and ended up paying more for something we were not notified about. 

But once through we tried our first Wendy’s burger and boarded our flight. Thankfully it’s not a very long flight. 

And finally we have made it to Las Vegas! Thankfully there’s a shuttle bus right outside that will take you to any hotel or hostel in Las Vegas. And you can book your return bus there and then for your next flight. We arrived at our hostel near 1am and were happy to climb into bed to get some sleep. 

Now we booked our hostel based on price as well as the promise of pancakes for breakfast in the morning. Safe to say we didn’t see any the morning we woke up. So we headed out in search for our nearest supermarket to stock up for the day. 

I know I have complained about the heat a lot so far on this trip, but nothing could prepare us for this heat in Vegas. It’s such a dry heat that is relentless! We would not suggest walking very far during the day time without a massive bottle of water as you will more than likely pass out from the heat! 

But thankfully we were smart enough not to walk too far away from the hostel. We also decided to have a chilled day and relax next to the pool. Ends up were not very good at relaxing as we ended up swimming and trying see how many times we could hit the ball back and forth without dropping it. Two more guys ended up joining in to make the game a little more interesting. 

We ended up having an interesting discussion with one of the guys who was an American and pro gun. Lizzie and myself are anti guns and could see that from two different upbringings come two different mindsets. Ours being the world would be a safer place if people weren’t allowed guns and his being “if I have a gun I can shoot the bad guy” even though the bad guy already has a gun… 

You can understand why we were keen to move the subject along… 

We spent the evening then with a few drinks with the other hostel guests and making our way down to the Downtown area of Las Vegas also known as Fremont Street. 

After experiencing some of what Las Vegas had to offer we called it a night as we have big plans for the morning. 

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