Grand Canyon 

So last night we met two guys from Norwich who were a part of the little group that headed down towards Fremont Street. As we got talking we found out that they were also looking at doing a day trip to the Grand Canyon. 

A day trip to the Grand Canyon would usually set you back at least $90 before taxes so we decided to hire a car and drive there ourselves. Especially since 3/4 of us could drive and one had already driven in America already. I may have not driven in quite some time…

So we spent this morning eating peanut butter on bread, we had been locked out of the kitchen so couldn’t make toast. Defending said peanut butter on bread from another Londoner and searching for cheap hire cars nearby. This came in the shape of Enterprise which was a short taxi drive away. 

With all of the documents signed, a hefty deposit left and keys exchanged I buckled up and began the first leg of the journey. Now for anyone thinking about driving to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas I would suggest setting off earlier than we did. It was 1:30pm by the time we started the drive. 

The views driving out of downtown Las Vegas are quite breathtaking with the mountains to your right and the Hoover Dam to your left. Unfortunately for myself I couldn’t take it all in as my eyes were set on the road and Lizzie’s on the map finding directions. The two guys we had met sat quietly in the back. 

After over three hours of driving an automatic I decided to pull over and swap drivers. One of the guys took over for the last two hours which included a stop at a McDonalds for some cheap food. It wouldn’t be a trip to America without a McDonalds and there wasn’t much else there… 

To enter the park with a car costs $30 which was easily split between four people. We also spotted a Moose on the side of the road before pulling up to the car park. 

We entered the park from the South entrance which gave us views from the South rim. As we had roughly two hours before sunset we walked away from the tourist viewing platform and wandered along the path as well as peering over the edge. Lizzie was a little worried that she would have to call my mam to tell her of how her daughter fell over the edge and plummeted to her death. Obviously that didn’t happen, but caution was taking.

As the sun began to set we made our way back towards the tourist viewing platform, as sadly that’s where the good view is for the sunset. Our tranquil experience was suddenly smashed by the sounds of a busy crowd pushing for the best angle of the sunset. 

The sun set peacefully across the Canyon and the stars began to appear in the night sky. We would definitely suggest staying in the Grand Canyon for the sunset if you can. Obviously if you have a rented car you have some more freedom with time. Which we were thankful for. But sadly as the drive was long we had to set off once more. 

As I knew it would be a long drive I decided to start the first leg with the amazing Lizzie as my DJ keeping me alert with the perfect sing along songs. After four hours the long drive got the better of me and one last swap was done. 

It is safe to say we were knackered and happy to crawl back into bed! But a real must for any travellers bucket list. 

All in all it cost each person £30 for the day trip to the Grand Canyon including the car hire. Not bad if I do say so myself. 

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