42 degrees

After a long day and night of driving we were relieved to be able to sleep in a little bit this morning before we have to give the car back. We only hired it for 24hours. 

So just before midday I buckled up for the last time in our rented car with Lizzie and drove back to Enterprise. This may have included possibly driving down the wrong side of the road for a split second. My mistake was quickly rectified by pulling into a car park which a police officer was currently driving out of. I don’t think I was the first nor the last person he has seen doing that… It can be quite disorientating driving on the wrong side of the road and turning down the wrong side of the street. I only say wrong because it felt wrong to a British driver.

But we got the car back, and ourselves back, safely without any scratches and with half a tank left. So safe to say that hefty deposit is going straight back into my account! 

Now we have a slight issue. We have decided to do a bit of sightseeing today but are quite a way from the main strip as Enterprise is located a little further out than Downtown Las Vegas. We tried and I mean we tried to walk as far as we could before the heat made it unbearable. So we hopped onto a bus and made our way to the main strip. 

This included a stop at a Walgreens for a cold drink and salad for lunch. The day is so hot that any liquids that we carry instantly become warm no matter how cold they were. 

Once down the main strip we checked out the Venetian, Caesars Palace, Treasure Island and the Eiffel Tower in “Paris”. 

We only made it as far as Paris before having to give up. So we hopped back onto a bus and made our way back towards the hostel. We had popped in a few casinos but had no urge or patience to put down a bet. Maybe on a return visit when money is no longer an obstacle we would be more tempted but seeing the zombie state some customers were in playing on the slot machines can easily put anyone off. 

Once we got back to our air conditioned room, one of our roommates thought we might pass out from the heat and couldn’t believe we’d been out for most of the day. Safe to say the air con was put on the coldest setting and a lot of water was drank. 

Ends up we had been walking around in 42 degrees heat all day… If you’re thinking “hey, that’s nothing” just remember that we come from England and Wales and are not used to anything above 24 degrees. 

We decided to stay out of the heat until the sun had set and headed out to Fremont Street for our last night in Vegas. 

Fremont Street was a little boring so we tried our luck at one of the busier clubs. Once inside we got a beer and ended up playing jenga with a couple and gigantic chess before calling it a night.

We have an early flight onwards to San Francisco in the morning and numerous alarms set. 

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