San Francisco 

After an hour sleep we got up and waited outside for our shuttle bus to the airport. The flight once again had been moved to be half an hour earlier which caused a panicked baggage check in, the slowest security checks in history and a sprint to our departure gate. On only an hour sleep we managed pretty well but for some reason the company we had booked the flight with had failed to notify us… 
We don’t seem to be having much luck with American flights lately. 

But once we were on the flight we got as comfy as could be and snoozed for the hour flight. We then landed in San Francisco and thought that the air conditioning was on a bit high making it quite cold. We later found out that San Francisco is actually pretty cold. It was like being back at home in Spring/Summer. 

A welcomed change from the heat in Las Vegas I hear you ask, not quite when you’re wearing a summer dress and light jumper to keep you warm. 

Now on two hours sleep we made our way to the hostel that we’ll be staying in for the next five nights. We chose San Francisco International Hostel based on price. Sadly as we have arrived so early, the joys of a 6am flight, we have quite some time to kill before being able to check in to our room. But they were happy to take the payment before check in. 

So as can be expected, we found the communal sofa and fell asleep until it was time to check in. 

Once checked in we freshened up, changed into some warmer clothes and went for a wander around the city. While walking through the streets we couldn’t help but think about all of the different types of food we would love to have to eat. Anyone who has met us along the way on our travels will notice that we talk about food a lot but eat as cheaply as possible. This has meant quite a few instant noodle meals.

So to our delight we stumbled upon Japantown where we had an array of choice to choose from and even better, decently priced food. 

We wandered into what looked like a small shopping centre filled with Japanese restaurants and passed a couple who were eating something called Dragons Breath. Dragons Breath is a type of sweetened maize which has been infused with a small amount of Liquid Nitrogen to give off a dragons breath when eaten. Luckily for us, when I asked the girl what she was eating she happily let us have a try! They were sweet, obviously cold but fun as you could see the Dragons Breath come out of your mouth and nose. 

After our introduction to one of the latest food crazes we settled on a small restaurant called Nande-ya. I had a pork katsu donburi which came with a small miso soup and Lizzie had the chicken katsu curry. Safe to say we were two happy girls with very full bellies. 

From here we slowly made our way back to the hostel, walking through streets and up hills and finding out that the street our hostel is situated on isn’t very safe. One to avoid while we’re staying here. But as you can imagine we are pretty tired from our day of travelling and we’re more than happy to call it a day and have an early night. 

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