San Francisco sightseeing 

We began our day today with the dregs of the “complimentary” coffee which filled half a cup for the two of us and wandered towards Union Square. The weather is lovely but still quite chilly which we weren’t expecting from anywhere in America. So top tip to anyone travelling to San Francisco, check the weather forecast beforehand and do not expect it to be warm. 

So we had planned to get something cheap for lunch but came across something we had been looking out for since New York… cheesecake. And this delight came in the shape of The Cheescake Factory. So instead of a normal lunch we grabbed a slice of Oreo cheescake and a slice of s’mores cheescake which we are planning on sharing half each. If you’re like my parents, avid readers, you will understand the difficulty of choosing those two flavours from the selection below. 

So once we bought our cheescake we decided to eat them at Union Square where they have some lovely hearts on each corner.

Basically, our eyes are way too big for our bellies! We should have just gotten the one to share but we will never learn when it comes to food. They were extremely rich and a quarter was enough to keep you happy for the rest of the day. 

But our happiness could not last as it was only moments later when Lizzie was taking some photos of Union Square that tragedy struck. Lizzie dropped her IPhone… the screen luckily didn’t smash but half of the pixels died causing only half of her screen to work. Just as well we were planning on heading towards Chinatown because I’m sure we’ll be able to find somewhere to fix it. 

Around the corner from Union Square is the Dragon’s Gate which opens up onto Chinatown. San Francisco’s Chinatown is impressive and with its shops, cafes and food places. I managed to pick up a small gift for my brother’s birthday and Lizzie got her phone fixed. I was also able to fuel my addiction for bubble tea thanks to a small tea shop at the end of the strip. 

With a fixed phone and a belly full of bubble tea we made our way towards Grace Cathedral which passes Sacramento street. The higher up the streets you climb the better the views get.

Now this time we almost made it into the Cathedral. We had sat down in the gardens in front of the Cathedral to eat some more cheescake and got chatting to a local who was suggesting places to see in San Francisco and saying how lovely the Cathedral was. By the time we had finished chatting with this lovely guy the Cathedral had closed. But we still managed to get some lovely photos of the outside. 

From the Cathedral we wandered on over to an area called Nob Hill and Tenderloin. No I didn’t just make those names up! And here is proof in the form of Nob Hill’s food store.

From Nob Hill we made our way to the famous Lombard Street via Russian Hill. Now when someone tells you San Francisco is hilly I would believe them. It was almost like being back at home in Wales but with much better weather. 

Lombard Street is where cars queue up just to drive down one of the steepest hills in San Francisco. To be fair you can get quite a nice view from the top. 

With some of the main sights seen we headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge via the Palace of Fine Arts. There were two couples having their wedding photos taken and ducks waddling around the grounds. A very picturesque place for any student of Fine Arts. 

Photos taken we wandered towards the bridge and were overjoyed to discover some whales swimming in the distance. It is safe to say we spent the next few hours trying to spot their tale or their hump or the gush of water being blown out when they take their next breath. It was, pardon the pun, breathtaking.

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