4th of July

So after yesterday mornings disappointing coffee we thought we would give it a miss at breakfast.

As it's America's national day of Independence we thought that we should check out the festivities going on at Pier 39 via the Ferry Building.

Now somehow, I'm not too sure how, we seem to constantly get lost while trying to navigate our way through the streets of San Francisco… which we did this morning trying to get to the Ferry Building which overlooks the Bay Bridge and Alcatraz prison.

So while walking in the wrong direction we stumbled upon a cafe called Cup A Joe Coffee and thought we couldn't go wrong with a name like that. As we had been walking for a whole 10 minutes we decided that we needed an iced coffee to, one cool us down and two for our coffee kick. It was probably the best coffee we have bought in America. We even added a little almond milk for a sweet nutty taste.

With our coffees in hand we turned around and made our way, the right way, towards the Ferry Building. If you approach the building from Market Street you will get to pass some nice stalls. Once in the building there are numerous food places to grab some lunch. We came prepared with our own sandwiches from CVS Pharmacy, took some photos looking out at the bridge and prison and then found somewhere to sit and enjoy our lunch.

Bellies full we started our walk up the piers to Pier 39. The pier was full of shops and restaurants and little to no entertainment or proof that it was The Fourth of July. But the Pier was busy.

We nosied around the shops for a while before heading in another direction as there's a promise of fireworks tonight but little else during the day. Not quite what we expected. But there was an impressive war ship docked further up which was framed by part of the next pier.

So we decided to make our way to Coit Tower as the views are meant to be impressive. But along our way we bumped into a group of Scottish guys and a guy from the Lake District who invited us along to the nearest pub for a pint. Now who can say no to beer? Not us.

We spent the rest of the day drinking at this pub and the guys enjoyed choosing the songs from the jukebox which included Sweet Caroline roughly four times or more.

As it was coming close to the time of the fireworks we all decided to check them out as we are all expecting local Americans to be celebrating the day. I think we did most of the celebrating for them and none of us are American.

To our own misfortune the pier was packed and we didn't get to see too much of the fireworks but we did get to coo over a very adorable baby. Never mind, on to the next bar.

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