Mission Dolores

After our day of “celebrating” the Fourth of July we decided to have a slower start to the morning. We only have a few more things to check out on our list before heading down to LA tomorrow.

Firstly we headed out towards the Asian Art Museum hoping it would be free or reasonably cheap as our budget dictates how much we can do in certain places. Sadly it was neither. So we took some photos of the outside and headed towards the City Hall and then back towards Market Street. If money wasn’t an issue we would have loved to look around the museum and would suggest a visit to anyone in San Francisco.

So we headed down towards Market Street and started wandering towards the end of the street towards Mission where Mission Dolores is. Mission Dolores is the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco but unfortunately if you walk the way we did you will experience an unpleasant neighbourhood. To be fair this is the first time we have ever felt unsafe in America. But we did pass this little guy on the way.

On the corner of the street before reaching the church is a Wholefoods supermarket where we bought iced coffee for our daily fix. Once at the church you are given two options. A paid for guided tour of the church and grounds or you can go in for free to pray.

We opted to go in for free and respectfully take in the architecture and peacefulness of the church. Because of this I didn’t think it appropriate to take any photos of the inside of the church out of respect to the people who use it as their place of solace. It is quite rare that I will photograph the inside of a church or cathedral unless it is clearly allowed or you can purchase a photography permit. The second option is a good idea for religious buildings as the money raised is invested into the upkeep and maintenance of the building.

The inside of the church is beautiful and the small museum gives a brief history of how the mission was set up and how it has developed through time to be what it is today.

After the church we headed towards the Golden Gate Park to relax in the sun a while. We tried to find the Twin Peaks on the way but our navigation skills aren’t the best so either failed or were on it without knowing…

After our relaxing time in the park we started to make our way back down Market Street and towards our hostel for the evening. Back through the neighbourhood which really highlights Americas problem with tackling homelessness and drug addiction. Travelling through America and speaking to local Americans really highlights how badly the state treats their people. Not exactly the land of dreams that is marketed so well.

To add to our experience down Market Street we heard a loud explosion which got us walking faster than usual back to the hostel. Let’s say we were happy to be getting back to our hostel and move on to LA tomorrow.

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