Hello Hollywood!

So after our interesting last day in San Francisco we were quite happy to be boarding our last Megabus to Los Angeles. Luckily the bus wasn’t too busy and we were able to stretch ourselves out over two seats each. For anyone who has done a long bus journey will know, this is luxury.

We arrived in LA in the evening and made our way towards downtown and the air b&b that will be our home for the next two nights. The first thing we noticed was a particular smell in the city, the smell of pee… I was also asked if I wanted to buy an Identity Card by a guy outside of a shop on the way to our Air b&b. Makes for an interesting first impression.

As we’ve had quite a long day we have decided to get some food in and watch The Bachelorette.

We began our first full day in LA deciding where to go first while enjoying our breakfast and morning coffee. We have decided to walk to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The walk took a few hours as we are currently staying in the downtown area and the weather unlike San Francisco is a lot warmer which made for a hot walk. Ice lollies were needed. I got a mango ice lolly and Lizzie got a Coconut ice lolly. If either of us had gotten strawberry it would have looked like we had murdered someone as the heat was making them melt.

Before arriving at the Walk of Fame we popped into an American diner on Hollywood Boulevard for some authentic American food. Or so the films tell us. We got some BBQ chicken wraps and a side of authentic American pancakes to try.

With a belly full of food we carried on to the famous stars. There’s a lot more than we thought there would be. We probably spent a good 2hours looking at the names and making it to the section where there’s the signatures, feet and hand prints of famous actors. We found The Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, Amy Adams, Grace Kelly, Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe and Anthony Hopkins to name a few.

We even found a wax work of Marilyn Monroe for Lizzie to pose with. Now sadly a slight almost traumatic experience arose. Near the signatures are people dressed up for photos and with massive snakes in the hope people will pay them for photos. I am terrified of snakes and almost walked into two of them if it wasn’t for Lizzie saving me from the trauma!

With the snakes avoided and every star looked at we headed on back towards our Air b&b for the night. Quite a successful first day in LA.

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