La La Land

*This post may contain multiple La La Land references

After spending our day in the city of stars we decided to head towards Mount Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory. Obviously since the release of the film La La Land there’s quite a few paid for tours to the areas that are featured in the film. We decided to do it ourselves and hop on the local shuttle bus up to the Observatory.

The only thing that isn’t really shown in the film is the presence of Scientology throughout the city and how many people there are on the streets trying to gain new followers. All quite strange.

But with the disciples avoided we hopped onto the shuttle bus. Top tip, the bus now only accepts cash so don’t top up your travel card thinking it can be used on the bus.

The bus drives through the city showing off some of the nicer neighbourhoods which are usually featured in films. The road becomes extremely busy when approaching Mount Hollywood as it’s a tourist hotspot. We can understand why.

The views from the Observatory are impressive with the Hollywood sign in the background and views over the city from the other side.

If you enter the Observatory through the main doors you will see the Foucault Pendulum which is very impressive. The Pendulum shows the constant movement of the planet while the ball swings in a constant straight line. The ball appears to be changing direction in a slow circular motion but it is in fact the earth moving.

To the right is the exhibition on the planetary system and the cycle of the moon and to the left the different rays and teslas invention on wireless electricity. They also have multiple seminars on throughout the day discussing different scientific theories.

But as the day was getting on we decided to get a move on and start our hike to the Hollywood sign. Top tip to anyone thinking of doing a short walk. Do not follow the signs on the track and follow the road.

We followed the track which ended up being really fun as we played our humming game where you have to guess what song the other person is humming. Plus the views are even more impressive than walking along the road. We did however sweat and drink our whole body weight in water.

We saw quite a few hummingbirds along the track and even some Coyotes crossing the road.

But sadly the signs directing you to it with how much further you have to walk aren’t very accurate. We started with a 1-2km walk. Once we joined the route where the shorter route joins to the last part of the walk we were directed with 1.5km left and then another 1.3km after walking the 1.5km.

So a half hour walk one way ended up taking us 3hours through a scenic route. We would definitely suggest the scenic route there and the road walk back, that way you get to take in all of the views. And wander if there’s a rattle snake near by…

The sunset was impressive on the way back and there was a full moon appearing in the sky.

Once we made it back to the Observatory we were in time to take a look through the famous telescope. Sadly it was a cloudy evening and the stars couldn’t be seen. So they moved the roof around and allowed people to take some photos with the telescope.

Sadly as the walk took longer than we thought we weren’t able to catch a seminar which is in the planetarium. So we couldn’t recreate the dancing scene through the planetarium.

The Observatory and walk is a definite must for anyone visiting LA. We got back to our Air b&b quite late so called it a night. We’ll be moving on to Venice Beach tomorrow to enjoy one of LA’s beach scenes.

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