Venice beach

After our day of hiking and recreating the romantic La La Land feeling we spent the morning re packing and figuring out which buses we needed to get to Venice Beach.

This is when we realised how big Los Angeles is! The bus took a good hour and a half to get into the area and we managed to direct ourselves to the wrong hostel. There’s two in Venice Beach with the same name but easily fixed as we only had to hop onto another bus for five minutes before arriving near the hostel.

The hostel we are staying at looks more like someone’s house which has been repurposed into a hostel. A lot of beds and very few toilets and showers. But it’s only for a couple of days.

So with the evening left to us we walked down the main road and onto the beach. As the sun was setting we stumbled upon a small beach party where a group of people were dancing to some live music. We got blessed by a passer by who wished that we would be blessed with another sunset.

We also found this fun bit of street art before calling it a night.

With a new day in Venice Beach we filled up on the included breakfast and wandered towards Santa Monica Pier. We passed all of the touristy shops next to the beach and popped into a few of them to see what type of things they sold as well as to cool down. Mostly customisable clothes, muscle beach merchandise and Hollywood merchandise.

We also passed Muscle Beach where I got to climb up a rope. I would suggest doing it with more clothes on as rope burn doesn’t half leave a mark.

After sheltering from the heat for a little while we spent the rest of the day with an iced coffee sunbathing on the beach.

The walk back was enjoyable with the sun setting ahead of us. We decided to cook tonight as we can use the kitchen and treated ourselves to a pasta dish.

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