Our day started a little earlier with a 7am pick up from the hostel. We were then driven to a Beach resort further north in Nadi to wait for the boat.

The resort was quite secluded but very beautiful with the views looking out at the mountains, the sea and distant islands. We were only here for roughly half an hour before setting off.

The boat journey was relaxing and we were welcomed to Beachcomber by a group of workers singing and playing the guitar. Just like something out of a movie!

As it was an early start we enjoyed some crackers for breakfast on the boat.

The sea was crystal clear and the cloud that lingered over the mainland was gone and only clear blue skies could be seen for miles. We felt like we had hit the jackpot, this doesn’t happen to normal everyday people. But we made this happen with hard work and patience.

The Island you could walk around in roughly 10 minutes at a slow pace. Now, slow paced is normal in Fiji as they do everything in Fiji time. So if you order a drink it will take double the time to be made. A very laid back society unlike our manic one.

We began our Island day with a coffee and mini muffin which was included in the price. We then had to hire some snorkelling gear, do not be fooled into thinking anything is included unless clearly stated. Snorkelling was included but the gear wasn’t…

But we are glad we paid the extra as we got to swim with the fish. The water was at a perfect temperature to swim in and to cool off from the days heat. Safe to say we didn’t want to get out! But sadly the snorkelling was over as quickly as it had started. But as we had hired the gear for half the day we decided to continue our snorkelling from the Island.

We saw a couple of stray fish close to the Island and the ocean floor plummets after a certain distance. The current does try to pull you in so do be weary if you’re not the most confident of swimmers.

We did not want to leave the ocean but our time was up and the lunch buffet was ready. Of course we filled our plates and enjoyed the small fruit salad offered for dessert.

After lunch we went to visit the sea turtles who are currently being nursed until they are ready to return to the ocean. It was also their lunch time so we got to throw in some raw fish for them to eat. Yes, we officially fed some sea turtles!

As we had completed all of our daily activities included we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the sun before the boat came to take us back.

As the boat dropped off most of the passengers at a port in the south of Nadi we ended up having most of the boat to ourselves. So we perched ourselves on the front of the boat and enjoyed the sea wind while watching the sun set.

Once we arrived back at the mainland we were sad to be returning back to our hostel but tomorrow we have our flight onwards and upwards. But we did catch the last moments of the sun setting from the beach.

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