Hello Melbourne

You will never experience the meaning of Fiji time until you have a flight to catch…

So today we checked out of our hostel and wandered into town for the last time. Something to do before our evening flight and Lizzie wanted to pick a gift up from one of the shops.

With the gift bought we headed back to the hostel for lunch and to order a taxi to the airport. Luckily the taxis in Fiji aren’t too expensive and the airport is a bit too far of a walk with our bags on our backs.

We then spent the rest of the evening waiting for our flight to be ready to leave. It may have been nearly an hour late once we started boarding as in Fiji time, nothing is ever rushed. And to our sadness we found out how tight Virgin Australia are, nothing was included on the 6hour flight. Not even a drink.

You can imagine how glad we were to land in Melbourne although we were shocked to feel how cold it is! Safe to say my fleeced jumper made its first appearance. Also, to anyone as naive as myself visiting Australia for the first time coming from the UK and hearing of how hot Australia is, even in the winter, will have a right shock. It was like Autumn back at home, pretty chilly to say the least.

Also as a top tip to anyone visiting Australia, you will be charged every time you use an ATM, every time. But we finally made it, wrapped up warm and boarded our first Aussie bus. We finally arrived at our hostel just after midnight so as you can imagine after a long evening of travelling and gaining a few hours back we were happy to call it a night. We decided to stay at Home at the Mansion hostel near Fitzroy.

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