Getting our bearings

After arriving so late at night/early in the morning we were glad to have a little lie in. We then got to freshen up with a well needed shower and dressed in our warmest clothes. Luckily we packed warm clothes in case we ever felt a little chilly…

We are currently sharing a room with a group of girls from Scotland which helpfully let us know that the two main/cheapest supermarkets are Coles and Woolworths… sadly not like our Woolworths that we used to have at home, no chance of a decent pic’n mix.

So we headed on out towards the centre of Melbourne and towards Woolworths to begin with as we were both pretty hungry. On our way we passed this old building which were yet to find out its name.

Luckily for us Woolworths was around the corner in a shopping complex where there’s a bakery called Breadtop which satisfied our hunger. We both grabbed a coffee and one sweet and one savoury item to share. Safe to say we were two happy campers after the average food in Fiji.

With full stomachs we decided to check out the prices of food before deciding between the two supermarkets. As we have now eaten the rush to buy food has gone so we can carry on exploring and getting our bearings for the day.

We then carried on wandering towards Central and stumbled upon the main shopping centre which is opposite the Library. We passed the shopping centre a little to see if there was anything else near by. We found a painter painting this piece advertising the return of one of my favourite TV programmes. But which may be difficult to watch while travelling.

As we couldn’t see much down the street we were on we decided to head back towards the main shopping centre. Inside is a small vintage stall with a not so small price tag. But there is a lovely jewellery stand next to it. I may have fallen in love with a certain necklace which I am debating buying…

As the day had gotten on a bit, our lie in may have been a little long, we bought our food for the next couple of days, including our first jar of Vegimite and Australian sweets which they call lollies.

Once back at the hostel we checked the communal board out for suggestions of things to do. To our luck tonight is the night of the night Market at the Queen Victoria Market.

The market is a historic landmark in Melbourne which spreads across two blocks, so in other words it’s pretty big. As it’s July the city is currently preparing for their Christmas in July. Which can be quite strange to hear Christmas music playing but strangely comforting in the cold weather.

At the market we came across a lovely jewellery stall where Lizzie bought her first ring of the trip. I have a feeling it may not be her last, but who can blame her. The night Market was quite small but had a band playing on the main stage and a busker among the stalls who had a very old sound about him. Like something you would hear on a record.

We then decided to head back towards the hostel via the park outside to use the Wifi as the wifi in the hostel is shocking and there’s free internet access throughout the city centre, handy. As I was calling home to chat to my mam from the other side of the world a Possum appeared out of nowhere.

I definitely looked like the typical besotted tourist trying to get close to this adorable creature. Luckily the possum was just as curious and came up for a good sniff of my knee which worked out perfectly for being able to show my mam over messenger call.

There is nothing more adorable than a possum wiggling away as I was no longer entertaining enough for it. Sadly the only photo I could get made him look a little startled. But as with any wild animal I would never suggest trying to touch them or feed them, simply admire them from afar and be weary when they do get close not to scare them.

And as my brother lovingly pointed out “he gonna eat you”. But still a great way to finish the day off.

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