Melbourne Museum

As we are still reenergising after being on full speed travelling we have decided to take our day a little slower than usual. Plus we’re still getting our bearings of the city…

So after a breakfast of peanut butter on toast and coffee (yum!) we decided to go in search of the Fitzroy area to see all of the street art there. As neither of us were using maps we ended up back in the centre of Melbourne… but not to worry we had lined up one of the museums for the day as well.

But we did end up back in Central shopping centre in time to watch the pocket watch clock chime. The clock opened up to show some mechanical birds singing along to two golden boys playing a flute and violin. I may have also indulged myself and bought the necklace that I had been eyeing up the day before. So I naw carry around a piece of Australia, literally as the pendant is in the shape of Australia with a star shape cut out where Melbourne is.

Plus getting a little lost is never a bad thing, it simply means we see more of the city than planned. So we cut our losses and headed to the Melbourne Museum and bought student tickets from the lovely guy at the desk who asked “I love your accent, where on earth are you from?”. Safe to say he loved Lizzie’s London accent and commented on how it sounded tuneful and made a decent attempt at the Welsh accent with the classic “Tom Jones” reference.

The Melbourne Museum has a permanent exhibition on Victoria’s natural environment and history from different perspectives. A great museum for all ages with their collection of dinosaur bones and stuffed wildlife which are used to educate people on humanities effect on the environment and how our actions have consequences for other animals and species. There was an interactive screen which displayed your selected animals history, whether they are endangered or safe and how many are left in the wild.

There is also an exhibition on the human brain and dreams which explores different types of dreams to the concept of space within dreams. This included a small room where from different angles the shape of the room or space would alter. There was also a camera recording your actions which you could watch back after exiting the room. A young boy found this out to his joy when he discovered that he and his siblings could run around, pull faces and then watch it back on the screen to our and their parents amusement.

There was also a section on evolution and human emotions and how things in our environment can alter the way we feel towards certain situations. There was a grim video of vomiting noises and watching someone cut their knees badly which we were happy to move away from. I guess in that sense that exhibition worked.

We were sad to leave the museum when it closed as it was a good way to spend the day as well as a good way to finally feel warm.

Once the museum closed and the sun had set we made our way to Chinatown to nosy around before making our way back to the hostel. Sadly a basic meal of ramen tonight and a film on the TV with other people at the hostel.

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