Melbourne City Centre and night out

As we have tonight saved for experiencing Melbourne’s night life we decided to wander around the rest of the sights which we haven’t seen yet in the centre. So after our usual breakfast of peanut butter on toast and this time tea (still love it) we headed on out for the day.

We made our way towards Central shopping centre for our daily fix of coffee. Sadly we made the mistake of buying it from Urban Fox where the coffee was a lot smaller than expected and was more like a shot of espresso than anything else which sadly didn’t taste great.

So with our sad cup of coffee we wandered towards Melbourne’s Town Hall. We passed a few smaller Cathedrals on the way.

Once we found the Town Hall we saw three couples having their wedding photos taken as they had just gotten married inside. It was quite intriguing to watch and I’m not 100% sure that we avoided being in their photos… oh well, we get to be the strangers in their wedding photos. Can you spot one of the brides in the photo below?

We then carried on around the corner to St Patrick’s Cathedral and spent some time sitting inside admiring the architecture. We tend to do this quite a lot in Churches and Cathedrals.

As Melbourne centre is quite compact we ended up back at the Central shopping centre to try and find something to wear for our night out. As we have been travelling for quite a while it’s nice now and again to get a little dressed up and have some fun. It’s a bonus when you find a nice casual dress for less than $10!

Once we got back to our hostel we joined in with the drinks deal at the hostel bar with a few people who are currently living at the hostel. If you ever travel around Australia you will notice that most people who have moved to work in Australia tend to live in Hostels at first.

A few gin and tonics later and a beer we headed on towards the main strip, Chapel Street. We all tried to get into one of the main clubs but gave up once we found out the guys in our group wouldn’t be able to get in as their shoes were too casual. Australia also has a lock out law at 1am so no one can get into a club or bar after this time as well as turning anyone away who looks too drunk.

The rest of the group decided to go to Revolution instead which would cost $25 to get in… safe to say we decided to check out the bars instead. The numerous gin and tonics had hardly affected us so we grabbed another beer and danced the night away. Sadly, the bars tend to close quite early so we kept moving from bar to bar until we found one that was open for a little bit longer.

Here is where we met our Ravioli guy. We found out that the bar we were at had a secret door to another section with another bar. We got stopped by a guy asking if we had a wristband. Thankfully he wasn’t being serious, he didn’t even work there. Once he found out we were British he referenced Harry Potter a lot and denied being a fan, “is your name HermOine? Do you go to Hogwaaarts?”

He later asked if we were from “Saaath DaagenHam” and if we were “scholArs at Caaambridge”. He was a fun character to chat to and Lizzie’s favourite Australian so far. Her favourite quote is “it’s RaviOHli not ravioleee” which is why we call him our ravioli guy.

While at the bar we also saw the tallest guy working there to which we both said “bloody hell he’s tall”. I swear he was at least 6foot 5.

Once the bar closed we made our way to the nearest train station to get back to the centre. We had a bit of a wait for the train and met a student from India who was going the same way and helped us out with which train to take and which stop to get off at.

We may have got back to the hostel near 5am… but it was worth it. Sunday may be a bit of a right off but what else is Sunday for.

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