St Kilda beach and Luna park

After a refreshing Sunday (well sleepy Sunday) we headed on out towards St Kilda beach to see what more Melbourne has to offer. As today counts as a beach day we thought it would be nice to have a picnic. When I say picnic I mean a French baguette, a form of cream cheese, a tomato to share and some crisps.

I would definitely suggest to anyone thinking of walking the distance to either start early or grab one of the trams. It took us a while to get there but we did pass St Paul’s Cathedral, Southbank and we got to see a bit of Albert park and enjoy our food on the beach.

Now Melbourne seems to have a bit of an aggressive Seagull problem like we do at home. Luckily not as balsy though! We started out with two seagulls stalking us on the beach slowly approaching. Now for anyone wondering why this is even remotely relevant, Lizzie is scared of seagulls and I mean scared. Luckily we were able to keep them away by kicking sand towards their general direction and the odd trip to chase them off. A young excitable child would have been perfect at about this time.

Even with the seagulls near by we were able to enjoy our hand made cheese and tomato baguettes with a side of crisps. We then wandered around the area and towards Luna park. Sadly as it’s winter the park wasn’t open for us to explore so we could only admire how creepy the entrance is.

After watching the sun set over the beach we walked back towards the centre once more via the main strip. It was interesting to see the long stretch of bars and clubs closed or preparing for people to show up in a few hours on Chapel Street.

After having walked most of the day away we hopped onto a tram back towards our hostel. We later found out if we had walked another half an hour/ hour further then we would have possibly seen the local penguins! Oh well, something saved for another trip to Australia.

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