Melbourne to Sydney

Today is sadly our last day in Melbourne. We have really loved this city and are really sad to be going, it’s no secret that we now wish that we had applied for a working visa.

But with our bags packed and stored in the storage room of the hostel we wandered out for the last time to see the street art in the Fitzroy area. This time using a map.

We were suggested Brunswick street to start off with so we made our way towards that area. To our joy we found it!

Firstly we found Jose Cuervo’s Rolling Stones and a street near by which had these lovely pieces.

We also saw this fun piece of a Praying Mantis which we had some fun replicating in human form.

Sadly we didn’t leave ourselves enough time to really explore the area and had to make our way back to the hostel to grab our bags and make our way to the bus station. If we had known we would have left an extra day in Melbourne before moving on.

But Sydney awaits. We were flying from the smaller airport in Melbourne which has the most relaxed security I have ever seen. We had our boarding passes printed and our bags scanned and that was it. Not even a single passport check!

As it was so quiet at the airport we did try and relax in the family room as it had the only sofa in the building but were shortly kicked out for not having any children… we were pushing our luck to begin with.

Our flight left Melbourne at 3:45pm with Jetsar airlines and we arrived in Sydney at 5:10pm. Not a long flight at all but cheaper and quicker than a bus or train!

We’re currently staying in Central Perks Backpacker Hostel which first impressions aren’t great. The place is really dirty and the kitchen was something else. As we are pretty tired from the journey and this is the cheapest hostel in Sydney we thought we’d give it a chance by staying at least one night before thinking of abandoning ship…

After dropping our bags off in the room we headed on out to see what was around and to get our bearings. So we headed on towards Chinatown which is around the corner from where we are staying and grabbed some food from Coles for the next couple of days. The hostel promises breakfast but we will see what that actually means.

Sydney’s Chinatown is relatively small but has loads of options for food and a few quirky shops. While thinking about Chinatowns, did you know that the oldest Chinatown in Australia is in Melbourne. Nice fact of the day to finish on.

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